Whether you trick-or-treat in your Tampa neighborhood or take advantage of a local event, your pets don’t understand what’s going on. Halloween can be a very stressful time for them. Keep these tips in mind this Halloween to keep your pets safe and happy.

Image via Pixabay

  1. Keep your pets inside while kids are trick-or-treating through your neighborhood. If you have to let them out, keep them on a leash.

  2. Close your curtains and turn on the TV to distract your pets from what’s going on outside.

  3. If the doorbell makes them anxious, consider disconnecting it and watching for kids at the window or set up a chair in your driveway and bypass the door completely.

  4. Pick up candy and chocolate wrappers so your pets can’t get to them. Sweets can make your pet ill and some candies are poisonous.

  5. Lit candles, like those in jack-o-lanterns, need to be kept out of reach.

  6. Make sure your pets have an ID on their collar and are microchipped in case they escape. It’s a good idea to take a picture on Halloween so you know you have the most recent one.

  7. Don’t dress your pet up in a costume if it stresses them out.

  8. Don’t take them trick-or-treating with you if they’re not good with strangers or if all the excitement makes them aggressive.

Image via Pixabay

It’s fun to get our family furbabies in on the fun of a holiday, but with all the commotion, it’s easy for them to get loose, become aggressive, or get sick. Have plenty of fun this Halloween, but make sure your pets are safe and happy at the same time too.