Of course you’ll spend the holidays opening presents, eating plenty of food, visiting all the places that make Tampa Bay fun in winter. But when everyone settles down for a quiet evening at home, make sure your guests are comfortable, too.

Clean Everything!

This goes without saying; of course you’ll clean your house before guests arrive! But this time, do more than your basic weekly cleaning. Vacuum behind furniture, dig out the junk from the couch cushions, and dust. Dusting is one of the most hated tasks, and any other time, no one but you will care. Visitors with allergies will definitely notice.

Don’t forget about the kitchen, too. It becomes especially important if you do a lot more cooking around the holidays. Clean the microwave. Wipe down the hood above the stove. Clean the oven door and the refrigerator door handle. These are all little things that are easy to forget but once cleaned will make your kitchen sparkle.

Prepare the Guest Room

Your family and friends could have stayed in a hotel, but you wanted them close. Don’t make them wish they’d made reservations by forgetting a few basics. If your guest room has gone unused for several months, throw on a fresh set of sheets and make sure you have plenty of pillows. Nothing ruins a trip more than a few nights of uncomfortable sleep.

In the bathroom, don’t forget to have a full set of towels for each guest. You can never have too many so add extra to the linen closet, just in case. Keep a few travel size toiletries handy in case someone forgot toothpaste or soap. Back in the bedroom, make sure your guests have access to dresser and/or closet space (with hangers), plus the wifi password and outlets. No, you’re not a hotel, but if you want people to come back, you want them to have what they need.

Take Care of Your Pets

Your pets are family, too, and this is their home. Anyone who visits will need to be aware of that. You don’t have to apologize for having pets or try to make them seem invisible. However, you don’t want your furbabies and sweet kitties to run wild and make the visit miserable for everyone else.

If your pets are a little rambunctious, consider putting them in your bedroom while everyone is visiting in common areas or during meals. For guests who have severe allergies (and a hotel wasn’t an option) you might want to consider boarding your pet or asking a friend to watch them for you during the visit. Don’t forget to clean up any pet hair, too. You might be used to being covered in fur but not everyone appreciates the second coat.

Spruce Up Outdoor Spaces

Whether your guests are visiting for the first time or you simply have a great outdoor living space, the Tampa weather practically begs people to come outside - even when you’re at home. Make the front more inviting by replacing your old, worn out welcome mat with something new. Add a colorful holiday wreath to the door. Make sure the kids pick up their bikes and your walkways and driveway are clear.

In the back, especially if you anticipate a large crowd, clean up your backyard and patio to give guests a place to safely go outside. Clean off your patio furniture so people can sit and relax outside. You don’t have to fully landscape or plant new flower beds, but mow the yard and get rid of crazy weeds that have taken over back there. 

When family and friends visit for the holidays, it’s an opportunity to visit and to make them feel welcome, but it’s also a chance to show off your home. Try to see it from the eyes of a stranger and make it as clean and comfortable as possible to get ready for your holiday guests.

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