Between the Tampa weather and the vacationers who come here to get away from the cold, putting your home on the market now makes a lot of sense.

Different Types of Buyers

In the spring and summer, families buy new homes so they can move between school years. In the fall and winter, we’ve got plenty of people from Canada and the northern states who vacation in Tampa Bay or want to retire down here. Putting your home on the market now means you’ll be in front of different buyers - buyers who already love the area and want to put down some roots.

Great Weather

Showing and viewing homes in the summer can be brutal. It’s so hot that everyone is miserable, which makes wanting to get out and look at homes a bit of a chore. But fall weather is part of what sells our area to vacationers. It also makes going from home to home easy and pleasant. You can also show of your home in its best light because the sun is out, the sky is blue, and the weather is perfect.

Less Competition

Because a lot of people believe spring and summer are the time to sell their home, you may have less competition for eyes on your house. Getting your home on the market before your neighbors realize just how many vacationers are willing to buy means you’re likely to get a competitive offer more quickly, especially if your home is staged well and priced right.

No Wrong Time

Truly, here in Florida, there is no wrong time to put your home on the market (although right before a hurricane makes landfall isn’t a time we recommend). Listing your home in fall has its own advantages, as does listing it in spring or summer. It’s important to understand the value of your home, the personality of your neighborhood, and the type of buyer you may attract. Are you a starter home that’s perfect for a new family or condo or bungalow on the beach that’s perfect for a new retiree? Whichever you are, there’s a buyer for your home.

If you’ve been wondering if now is a good time to sell or if you should wait, talk to an agent about the market and your home. We’re happy to share what we know and help you sell your home, regardless of the season!